In Order To Keep His Dog Busy During The Day, The Owner Comes Up With A Great Idea, But What This Smart Dog Does Will Surprise You

Those of us that have dogs and work during the day always feel bad about leaving our dog at home. Well this owner came up with a very amusing way to keep his dog busy, using a ceiling fan and some carrots. An easy thing to set up, and funny just thinking about how his dog will react to this situation. Being bored is not something any of us like, so we feel bad about leaving our dog at home alone.

When you see this video, you will immediately think “Why haven’t I thought of this?” So the owner sets up an amusing scenario that should keep Fido busy for hours. But this smart K-9 has other plans. Realizing that he isn’t getting anywhere with his current tactic, this brave dog decides to think out of the box and tackle the issue on a whole different level.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, or in this situation, catch a carrot! Dogs are way smarter than we think, and this one is no exception. After jumping and swatting at the carrots, he thoroughly thinks through his options and takes matters into his own paws by creating leverage and conquering is objective.


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