When Dog Realizes That His Owner Comes Home After A Long Time Being Away, The Reaction Is So Human Like, You Just Might Cry

If you don’t believe that dogs have feelings and emotions, you’re about to think and believe differently. What you’re about to see in this video are three dogs who haven’t seen their owners in a long time.  Your heart will be warmed by this…until the end. The end of the video shows a Husky sobbing at his owner’s grave, which absolutely proves that dogs have emotions and feelings.

Have you ever been close to passing out from excitement from seeing a loved one after a long absence? That’s what happens to one of the dogs in this heartwarming video. The first dog, upon seeing his owner after a long trip away, breaks out into a human yell, then cries with joy and runs into the arms of his owner.

The 2nd dog is at the airport waiting for his owner. As the owner gets off the plane and nears his dog, the dog hesitates and looks to be thinking, “Wait, is this really my daddy? I thought he was away. I haven’t seen him in a long time and wasn’t sure if he was coming back. Is it really him, is it, is it???” Then all heck breaks loose in the airport when the dog flips out at the realization that it’s his daddy!

The 3rd dog is so excited that her owner is finally home, that she almost passes out from the sheer excitement of seeing her mommy.

Then there’s the 4th dog in a short video clip of him laying at his owners grave sobbing. This is a tough one…

Dogs are one of the most precious and loving creatures on this earth. They brighten our day and fill our lives with unconditional love. So when you get home today, give your dog a great big hug and a kiss!

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