These Early Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer May Just Save You

Leaking or Dribbling Urine

This is a symptom that is usually not spoken about, but if you are noticing it is taking you longer to finish urinating or that there is leakage before you make it to the bathroom, then this could be an indication of prostate cancer. A simple visit to your doctor can help you discover whether it may just be due to an overactive bladder, or if you have multiple symptoms.


Having To Pee In The Middle Of The Night


Another often-ignored symptom of prostate cancer is when you find yourself needing to urgently urinate multiple times throughout the night. Once again it could simply be caused by an overactive bladder or BPH, but if you notice multiple symptoms then a trip to your doctor is in order.


Overall, the biggest problem of prostate cancer is that its early stages have no symptoms; therefore it is important to consider having regular PSA tests as well as colon cancer screenings. Whether you suspect anything or not, it pays to check! Especially if there is a history of prostate or any form of cancer in your family, as well as if you are overweight, smoke or eat a high-fat diet.

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